Financial problems for funding anything public, HELP!

If you haven’t already experienced the financial crunch short falls for funding public education, libraries and other public venues, then you need to read this.
In the state of Florida, our schools and libraries are in a serious financial situation, primarily because of state-wide budget cuts!!  Just here in the Orlando Public School system, around $800,000.oo has to be returned to the state this year. 

ALL OF US, need to come up with creative ideas to overcome this short-fall.  Personally, I believe all of us can contribute to keeping the services, equipment and courses continuing.  Why am I bringing this up?  Because this IS personally affecting one of the courses I am taking. There basically is no money to provide the training materials for a course that requires this training to take a certification test.

So, rather than belabor my situation, here are some suggestions that span the range of ideas that you should encourage your local School Board to consider as alternatives so none of these offerings suffer in the future.  Everyone needs to raise the money necessary to make up for this short-fall.  Perhaps things like an old fashioned school bazaar with sales of things that students created or items contributed by local patrons, even a bake sale?  How about the idea of building a wall dedicated to patrons with tiles dedicated to present or former students, families, patrons and business sponsors.  With the number of businesses in construction here in the area, perhaps we could have them contribute materials and labor to build the walls at each school, where contributors for a certain contribution fee would have the tiles engraved with each of the patrons’ names. 

Perhaps by implimenting these types of contributor programs, money raised could be used to help fund needed services at each school of the school system, including Winter Park Tech, which could be the bellwether example for the entire area. 

Then there are alternatives that should be explored for additional help and be sought from what President Bush just referred to recently in a Oct 12th 2007 speech about stopping protectionism according to an AP report, where he talked about retraining help even for tech schools.

Essentially the speech relates, that the administration already has reached agreement with Democrats to include tougher language on protecting worker rights and the environment. But critics say five consecutive years of record deficits have played a major role in the loss of more than 3 million manufacturing jobs since Bush took office in 2001.

"I know many Americans feel uneasy about new competition and worry that trade will cost jobs," Bush said. "So the federal government is providing substantial funding for trade adjustment assistance that helps Americans make the transition from one job to the next. We are working to improve federal job-training programs. And we are providing strong support for America’s community colleges, where people of any age can go to learn new skills for a better, high-paying career."  …"Expanding trade will help our economy grow," Bush said. "So I call on Congress to act quickly and get these agreements to my desk."

OK, so let’s get that funding, get that community support, get more patrons.  I’ve supplied a couple of ideas, how about you readers providing more with your blog comments here.  Keep our school system offerings going, including fully funded courses,  through your ideas, help and support!!


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