Get your own International Business Card Online.. Isn’t it time you joined a professional contact agency?

You’ve probably heard of the old expression: 
There are many ways to skin a cat, but no matter how you do it the cat will always know it in the end. 

So if you haven’t joined a Professional Contact Organization where you can post your own International Business Card and make contacts worldwide, you should!  If you need help with getting a problem solved, national or overseas contacts for business or enhancing your career, be sure to sign up at Xing at this link:

If you are involved in IT in any way, then you really should investigate joining a professional organization to help make contacts in your industry and find answers to questions you may have.  One of the great things about joining a contact group is that many times when you have a question or problem that you could use help on, other members of the SIGS, special interest groups, may have experienced the problem already and they can point you in the right direction for a solution.  One of the largest professional IT organizations that is out there is : ITtoolbox. that you can check out at this link:  be sure to sign up there, with a contact link to me while you are there.

So you are finally getting ready to take on the REAL World and get a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) heh?  Well, if you haven’t lined up that perfect position, like retirement yet, check our links to job sites, all in one place!  If you go to job fairs, be sure to be prepared before you go though!  Most companies are looking for professional demeanor, work ethic and dress clothes – NOT cut ups and school clothes!  
By the way, good luck, you’ll be in line with another couple
hundred people for the same position. Make sure you stand
out from the crowd in a good way, like having better than
good skills, grades and dress. You can begin to make that good
impression, by really studying while you are still in school.
You’ll need every advantage you can get, just to get in their door. 

Besure to check out our job site:

On behalf of all the students out there, we all have promising futures ahead of us, so let’s take advantage of these reliable job sites I posted above!  So instead of running all over your town answering newspaper ads that are already old listings, spend more time tracking jobs through the links posted right here. Most blogs understandably start out with good intentions only to soon fall by the wayside. Something as important as JOBS, should not be neglected. Perhaps you could use this as your JOB BLOG that only posts hot linked useful job sites

Good luck in your professional career!


About Hedtke Online

As a consummate professional I quickly pick up procedures, and I am creative, alert and punctual. Not only am I resourceful in solving new and challenging problems, I am adept at generating conceptual possibilities and then analyzing them, providing forward thinking solutions. With a broad variety of experience, from computers to common carriers, including cross functional expertise in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, corporate sales, as well as systems analysis, coding and management, I am able to draw from the skills acquired and apply them to solving problems in analagous situations. Recognized as a creative and effective strategic planner and problem solver, I devise notable enhancements that result in measurable benefits. I also am a team player who is good at providing exceptional customer service. Remember: Using your Head is the Key to solving any problem! *my quote* Specialties American Mensa admission 10/21/1988 meeting qualifying test criteria of at least 98% with the CTMM of 99%ile IQ 141. This also met criteria for The Top One Percent Society . A second test CATTELL B yielded a 95%ile IQ 143 qualifying for the International High IQ Society. Meyers Briggs characteristics of a ENTP with a focus on the future.
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