Have you kept up on terrorist threats?

   Today I posted a comment on the another blog concerning terrorism, so I felt if it was as important to me to respond, it is important stuff to you too, whether you realize it or not! 

    Were you aware that since 9/11 there have been multiple attempts throughout the world to commit further terrorists acts?  Did you know that our government has also uncovered a serious threat to our schools?  This is something that you at least need to be aware of, no matter who doesn’t want you to know!

     The scenario that they have discovered actually has been planned and acted out in training exercises at terrorists camps.  The plan calls for numerous multiple attacks at our schools, throughout the country, that have students younger than teenagers and these are schools with rural and remote locations. 

    The reasoning behind this according to responses to the question posed to think tanks like the Hedtke Institute is self evident.  The age of the children all but eliminates any resistance and the remote school location delays law enforcement response, creating a optimal scenario. 

    The fact that schools are targeted, creates a economic threat situation, wherein at least one parent may choose to stay at home with children, thereby creating the economic impact of hurting the American economy, a much desired goal of the terrorist threat.  This would take place whether or not an actual attack takes place and a main reason why this scenario has not been pubicized.

    So where do you stand on terrorism and what would you suggest to do, that would minimize this threat here?

I have put together a site where you can learn from some of my experience and take some practical urban survival tips and apply them in your life at: http://www.stormynites.net/private/emergencysupplies.html

This is a PDF that you can read about terrorism preparedness:

This information was just released in September and is the kind of news
that never makes the local news. So I hope you get the help through
this article: http://www.dhs.gov/xnews/releases/pr_1189720458491.shtm


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