Improve out Schools, how can you help?

This may sound outrageous to you, however the facts just released are that 1 in 10 schools are ‘dropout factories’ – as reported in Yahoo! News at this article by AP:
The problem seems to stem from our children not being taught the basics from kindergarten on.  Now don’t get all riled up with the feeling that anyone is dumping on instructors, however there are instructors who are making a difference and school districts who are doing what is necessary to help the students that others have given up on.  The lack of obtaining basic competencies in lower grades steadily gets pushed forward into higher grades.  Eventually what you have, are students unable to graduate from public high school or schools urging them to drop out along the way.  In this way the schools rating isn’t accurately reflecting how ineffective many teaching techniques actually perform. Students are not getting the skills they need to progress along the education trail.  The system failure of public education can be seen in the numbers of students affected.  So what can the public do about it? One thing is to help the students who are interested in learning get the help $$ they need to be the first in their family to get a degree!  The public has historically dumped funds into education efforts for years, where unions have demanded more money, yet the results of these efforts seem to be continuing to decline.  So, is the answer paying instuctors more?  What about incentives, like rewarding those instructors who really do make a difference and their students not only perform well, but they also are better for the experience with actual knowledge.  The medocre teachers who skate along just getting by should be concerned, as the education climate is turning to excellence in teaching to resolve this problem.  Let’s help instructors as well, by helping them not to be burdened with paperwork shoved upon them by the administration, allowing them to work their teaching skills magic.  NEWS for schools, the system needs a change!

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