Is there a problem with immigrants? Just Illegals!

Subject: Is there a problem with Immigrants?  NO, just ILLEGAL immigrants!! – State Dept or Homeland Security ??
Date: Fri 28 Sep 2007 02:17:45 AM -0400

Everyone should realize that the immigration issue is not directed at just one group of people.  Immigrants come into OUR country from many nations.Although it seems that there is more awareness of an issue with just one group,because of their physical ease of entry into the United States of America.  So when you read anything about immigration you need to keep this in mind!  My family,LEGAL immigrants, came to this country at the time of the reconstruction period after the civil war.  Those members of my family came through Ellis Island on transport vessels from Europe.  They pledged their alliegence and vowed to defend this new country as their country and only country.  They came here seeking relief from oppression and a new beginning.  My family encountered prejudice, abuse but proved their worth as workers and through their community mindedness.  Our elders demanded family members learned english and adopted United States values and standards.  So we understand what it means to sever ties with the “old country” and embrace “our new country”.  It is a tough time leaving family and friends.  The process is daunting.  Never the less, not everyone can come here, whether you like it or not.  It is a fact of life, not all of our family managed to come to United States, they wanted to and we wanted them to as well. That was not to be!

The immigration laws are there for a reason to limit how many enter this country and still provide the life style, the services and pursuit of happiness for LEGAL immigrants as well as all existing United States citizens.  Everyone suffers when the abuses of essentially one group, ILLEGAL immigrants, who choose to ignore the laws, have simply over run United States’s resources and services and as a result have made it worst for everyone in the end.  Public sentiment presently is against further abuses and legitimate United States citizens can no longer ignore the flood, as continued uncontrolled abuse has broken the back of the United States’ collective conscience.  Basically, that group will now have to wait for legitimate applicants and those who broke the law can not feel that they should be rewarded, they were not invited or welcomed.  In fact the United States is under no obligation to accept anyone! 

We all realize that the immigration law is archaic and established at a time when our country needed additional citizens and had the room to absorb them.  Our infrastructure can no longer take the strain and the issue now is on the front burner of the United States citizen’s minds.  The United States  is at a point that because of these abuses, most United States citizens, here legally are proposing to stop the practice of accepting as citizens,the past practice of mothers giving birth here in the United States and of that child to be automatically considered a  citizen. What with the strain on hospitals, schools, health and welfare services, law enforcement issues and jail over crowding, it’s time to stop the issue cold, with a moratorium on all immigration.

Identify who is here legally and those who are not, by getting a valid picture of what we are dealing with.  If anyone is here and should not be, then do a case by case evaluation with prompt disposition!  This evaluation must be done, including deportation of serious criminals.  Is there a simple answer for those who are here illegally?  No, but a solution that could reduce the strain on why people come to the United States, is to stop all services to illegal immigrants, for any reason!  Certainly it is harsh, however you need to compare this to a lifeboat.  It can only hold so many safely or the boat will sink and everyone will suffer.  United States citizens have to make a tough choice, either help everyone and sink the reason people want to come here or restrict who can be here!  It’s that simple.  Illegal immigrants need to be evaluated on whether they stay or if they need to leave, whether it’s your brother or sister, father or mother or uncle or aunt!
The following article is about our government screening of visas into the United States, can you say “the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing?” at:

With our own government not knowing who is responsible for screening terrorists from identified terrorist sponsoring countries, you would think that we would want to tighten our border security as well. So please be sure to contact your senators and congressmen by sending a free fax or email at: over the most recent attempt to force patriotic law abiding United States citizens into having the illegal alien amnesty ‘NIGHTMARE’ regulations forced down our collective throats, as the so-called recent bill modifications really are only publicity hype and the whole situation hasn’t changed from what was proposed years ago as this article points out:

Let’s help keep our country a comfortable place to live, keep our resources from being frittered away, our infrastructure needs not to be congested and services should be available to United States citizens.  What will you do to make our country a better country?

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  1. If you would like to learn about not just the history of immigration in the United States, but also the why immigration was promoted in each of the periods shown in the graphs that provide solid numbers during those time periods. Please follow this link:

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