It’s a crime!!

How many of us would come to the aid of someone else who is being attacked?  Come on, be honest with yourself!  According to the FBI the facts tell a different story.  In fact there are more people will just ignore this scenario because they feel that they just don’t want to get involved or that someone else will come along to help, as it just isn’t their job. 

Here in Central Florida, the bad guys are taking advantage of the choice you make. By not looking out for your neighbor, you are opening our neighborhoods up to being over-run by even bolder criminals.  The day has come where there isn’t enough law enforcement warm bodies to be where the crimes are occurring.  Why is that?  As you travel through our "fair" metro area  how often do you see law enforcement conducting rush hour traffic traps instead of putting it’s resources into protecting our neighborhoods?  Hmm? 

We are to blame too!  We have not enlisted all members in our neighborhoods to participate in NeighborHood Watch, we have not stood shoulder to shoulder with the members of the Guardian Angels nor have our local law enforcement agencies fostered or developed close relationships with citizens. 

Perhaps all of this responsibility should fall on the shoulders of us, the community citizens!  We have not taken an active role in participating in requiring everyday local citizens who are volunteers to sit on area boards.  How else will our voices be heard, on elected boards?  Whether it is on planning commissions, county and city boards, whatever.  We need to take control of our area’s destiny.  One such example would to be on the police review board for police officer promotions or definitely on actions unbecoming an officer of the law. There definitely needs to be something done that isn’t being done to help the community and the police who are out there working for us to feel more comfortable around each other and help each other. 

Remember when officers used to walk beats and they knew who people were by name, who the  trouble makers were and what part of the city someone didn’t belong in at a certain time at night for example? Some call it profiling, but it kept innocent people out of trouble and identified those who were looking for it.  This technique has worked in many ways over history and crime wasn’t as bad as it is today.  Officers were actually interested in your welfare, not just ticketing you for some minor traffic offense.  One more thing, officers attitudes were helpful then, not like many young rookies of today who constantly dress intimidatingly like swat team members and the shades!!  Personally, I would say if you can’t look another man straight in the eye and hide behind shades, you aren’t man enough to wear a badge. 

We also need to support our local police.  How can we get closer? Help them have the firepower to stand toe to toe against the criminals out there.  Miami has it so bad that the bad guys have better guns than the good guys.  What we can do is help our local departments by making contributions to arm our local officers with some BFG1000’s so at least it’s a fair fight and prevent the bad guys from taking over our streets too!  So what about stopping crime here.  See the report from the FBI on our community.  It isn’t pretty…
Now what are you going to do about it?  Personally, it’s time to fight back, kick these thugs out of our neighbor hoods, stand up to them, come to the aid of your  neighbors and local police and take names afterwards.  Remember, the police generally only get there after the fact, because they aren’t everywhere.  You may just have to protect yourself, I know I will be!!


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