What do you think about Microsoft?

Okey, I realize that is one of the more vague questions you will read in any of my blog entries, however I do have a good reason to be vague.  Considering the focus you might think that MicroSoft has had under Bill Gates, perhaps you may just change that view, when you look at a trend over these past roughly 30 years. 

Certainly you have to admit that Bill has run roughshod over the entire software industry for many years and a few people have expressed their "dislike" for him quite adamately.  You know what I mean the caricatures and all.  Well, his attitude and the public’s response may finally be catching up with the MicroSoft mogul with the release of the Works as a FREE release. 

Were you aware that a number of years ago, the idea to actually have people pay a subscription service to use any of Microsofts products without actually owning a copy of the software and storing documents on a remote hard drive, while customers accessed it through the internet was originally Microsoft’s idea?  They for what ever reason didn’t impliment it, so it seems that the open source Open Office and now Google’s online similar free services may be eating into the profits of Bill.  That means Bill has to respond or lose what market share that MS has right now.  Additionally, you have to understand that the main money maker for MS is OFFICE and that too may be next application to be offered FREE as well. 

The next few months will be telling, considering that MS more than likely will be embarking on a new direction in uncharted FREE services for MS along with a different mentat directing the journey.  So you just may be changing how you think of MicroSoft after all, don’t you think?  You can read more in business news article: Behind The Curtain of Microsoft’s ‘Great Oz’
[September 25, 2007] Ray Ozzie took over Bill Gates’ role as Microsoft’s chief software architect last year, but just who is he really and what’s he doing with his ‘vision thing?’ at: http://www.internetnews.com/   


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