Where to subscribe for useful newsletters & sites:

I bet all of you are just pulling at the ‘bit’ to get a ‘byte’ of really good data for subscriptions to newsletters aren’t you?  Okey, most of us know that there just are very few newsletters that really are useful, however these are two that you should check out their links first before you want to have your mailbox full of alot of good ‘stuff’.

The first is a link to SiteProNews that you can read online at this site, it is mostly oriented to webmasters with good articles pertaining to all things internet;


The next is a newsletter dedicated to things mostly microsoft, including hints on how to use their software, even work arounds, not to mention all the gadgets and other useful software they offer at their online store for good prices


For those of you who have a technical bent, the following newsletter has you covered with numerous articles on many topics that you can do searches for in their archives at :  http://www.site-reference.com/

Those of you who have tried to find the END of the internet, do not be discouraged,for we have found it for you and you can finally get the recognition for you efforts at this site:


By the way I also mentioned useful sites, here are three I recommend:

 A place to report bad drivers- all about driving:  http://www.drivinforce.us/

 A site to locate search engines – major categories: http://bellsouthpwp.net/h/e/hedtke1/

 A survuval supplies and services site: http://www.stormynites.net/private/emergencysupplies.html


Happy trails…. 


About Hedtke Online

As a consummate professional I quickly pick up procedures, and I am creative, alert and punctual. Not only am I resourceful in solving new and challenging problems, I am adept at generating conceptual possibilities and then analyzing them, providing forward thinking solutions. With a broad variety of experience, from computers to common carriers, including cross functional expertise in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, corporate sales, as well as systems analysis, coding and management, I am able to draw from the skills acquired and apply them to solving problems in analagous situations. Recognized as a creative and effective strategic planner and problem solver, I devise notable enhancements that result in measurable benefits. I also am a team player who is good at providing exceptional customer service. Remember: Using your Head is the Key to solving any problem! *my quote* Specialties American Mensa admission 10/21/1988 meeting qualifying test criteria of at least 98% with the CTMM of 99%ile IQ 141. This also met criteria for The Top One Percent Society . A second test CATTELL B yielded a 95%ile IQ 143 qualifying for the International High IQ Society. Meyers Briggs characteristics of a ENTP with a focus on the future.
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