Where’s the BEEF? Among students that is…

This generation of youth who are attending higher education today, have been dubbed for lack of any other name, Generation Q.  This designation has been given because they are Quiet!  The press has generously given them this dubious name!  Never the less it would be doing itself a favor, and America a favor, if it demanded from itself some moxey.  Get active, don’t let the rest of society just walk over you.  Why do I say that?  You all seem to have opinions on everything, but don’t seem to want to express them openly.  Of course being from a more activist generation, if I were in your shoes, I would be in the face of every candidate who comes on campus, to answer three questions: What is your plan for mitigating climate change? What is your plan for reforming Social Security? What is your plan for dealing with the giving away of America — so we all won’t be working for China in 20 years?  What kind of questions would you like to express?  This is just one spot to make posts about what you are thinking.  Feel FREE!! 

About Hedtke Online

As a consummate professional I quickly pick up procedures, and I am creative, alert and punctual. Not only am I resourceful in solving new and challenging problems, I am adept at generating conceptual possibilities and then analyzing them, providing forward thinking solutions. With a broad variety of experience, from computers to common carriers, including cross functional expertise in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, corporate sales, as well as systems analysis, coding and management, I am able to draw from the skills acquired and apply them to solving problems in analagous situations. Recognized as a creative and effective strategic planner and problem solver, I devise notable enhancements that result in measurable benefits. I also am a team player who is good at providing exceptional customer service. Remember: Using your Head is the Key to solving any problem! *my quote* Specialties American Mensa admission 10/21/1988 meeting qualifying test criteria of at least 98% with the CTMM of 99%ile IQ 141. This also met criteria for The Top One Percent Society . A second test CATTELL B yielded a 95%ile IQ 143 qualifying for the International High IQ Society. Meyers Briggs characteristics of a ENTP with a focus on the future.
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