SIgn the Petition to Support these 2 Constitutional Amendments

Are you at all interested in resolving major issues; like the unacceptable unemployment numbers of US Citizens in our nation, having our Legislators do the job that most people feel that they should be doing and return our country to the way things should be working?

What I am proposing are 2 additional amendments to the Constitution. We urge you to review these and help people get behind these immediately!

1)We need to Eliminate Professional Legislators.

It is easy to see that United States of America Congressmen are out of touch with their constituents, the very people who elected them.
Why do I feel this way? Consider the fact that these are a few good reasons to make the changes proposed by these Constitutional Amendments.

How can our Legislators after only a couple terms in office retire on our dime? How can most of them become millionaires after getting the job? How is it they have their own healthcare system that is better than our own? How is it that they seem to basically vote however they want, even though we constituents elected them? How can they vote themselves pay raises while the rest of us struggle with a economic depression? Certainly, there are many more questions regarding their job performance and why their job approval rating is the lowest ever in history! So, why don’t we change the rules back to what the founding Father’s of our country originally envisioned what their job should be. Their job is do the people’s business, the things that the people who elected them, want done. After that they can return to their home to their previous occupation without any benefits or retirement!!

What is the second Amendment that I am proposing?

2)We need to Put United States Citizens at the front of the line for ANY job.

We all have been coping with an economy that has been devastated by a series of events that have left United States Citizens essentially in a new depression!
The fact is there are fewer jobs available and more people out of work.

We have anxiously watched from the employment lines to see what our Legislators will do to turn this around, with no results. While too many politicians become firmly entrenched in their respective “party’s” agenda on employment, how about everyone looking out for the United States Citizen Worker FIRST! Simply put, we need ALL employers to hire United States citizens first over anyone else, including H1B or L1 visa holders. Think about it, United States citizens can not possibly help the rest of the people of the world in their countries, including their refugees to the United States (whether legally here or not), if our own citizens do not have jobs or the financial wherewithal to continue to be generous to them. We need to suspend any immigration and HELP OUR OWN CITIZENS FIRST with jobs. Only a handful of countries including United States still bring in foreigners through immigration programs. The MAIN reason that the original immigration laws were enacted was to help develop the United States. The fragile balance of the United States infrastructure, natural and economic resources clearly demonstrate that immigration is no longer needed in the United States, considering the financial environment most states find themselves in. It is time for United States to grow up and become responsible to it’s citizens who are already here first and clean up the mess that both legal and illegal immigration has created. Put the hiring of United States Citizens Workers First above all others, it’s all of our responsibility to your fellow citizens and should be one of our inalienable rights.

Basically, I am urging everyone to prepare and sign petitions to accomplish this. as the next step to drive this movement forward through the peoples support. With or without our federal Legislator’s help, we can not only initiate but also help ratify these as Constitutional Amendments. This method of establishing Constitutional Amendments has never been done, but this method is provided for as a Constitution Convention where a specific number of States, 38, each ratify these Amendments in this manner. We the people must take these United States back!! While Congress and Government may deviate from these documents at times, it is up to us to be ever vigilant by correcting deviations by submitting corrective amendments when they are needed. Proposing Amendments to the Constitution should not be taken lightly, however the time has come to answer that Call For Action to initiate these two Amendments to the US Constitution! The purpose of these proposed Amendments are to Eliminate Professional Legislators and Put United States Citizens at the front of the line for ANY job, re-establishing our elected officials accountability and reasserting that the government is for and by the people! I encourage you to pass on this Call For Action to friends and relatives and support the passage of each Constitutional Amendment in the Constitution Convention that is ratified by each State. Remember when you do vote in any election, be sure to vote for the PERSON not for the Party.

Why should we as citizens participate in this process? Let’s look at something that we have been hearing about for years, yet when it came to a recent vote, our federal Legislators refused to Balance the Budget and have gone so far as publicly state that although we obviously have an out of control economy, they feel we should not pursue a Balanced Budget Amendment. It is my opinion that it is they who are out of control and they no longer feel any obligation to their constituency, the very people who voted them into their job! This is just one reason that we as citizens need to make these corrections to the Constitution at the Constitutional Convention:

Eliminate Professional Legislators

Eliminate Professional Legislators

Eliminate Professional Legislators

Put United States Citizens at the front of the line for ALL Jobs

Eliminate Professional Legislators

I have been sending emails to this same affect to most of the news media here in Florida and am hoping that these proposed Amendments receive widespread coverage and support. There is absolutely NO reason that these Amendments can’t be ratified in as little as six months considering the technology available to everyone today.  Currently there is a call for a Constitutional Convention with at least 17 States on board connected to the Balanced Budget Amendment, So let’s move forward and get everyone’s support to enact these changes for the good of your country too. Thank you!

Mark Hedtke
message phone: 407.207.6956
contact email:

Support these 2 ConstitutionalAmendments

Support these 2 ConstitutionalAmendments


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