Who controls the USA Government and how did they get there?


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Considering the facts at the time, it is my opinion that the obvious conclusion is that there was a conspiracy to assassinate JFK. You only need to ask who were the most likely key accomplices and what was their motivation? There are the ones proffered at the time, however they were not the most logical, only the most media hyped. I for one have looked deeper at the most likely threats, considering the clues supporting those with the absolute most to lose and by following the money. What activities were going on at the time? Who else was murdered in the same period of time, MLK. What was in the news and what was rumored to be very soon? Well Jack, the President and his brother Bobby, the US Attorney General at time, were actively investigating Unions, Organized Crime, Dumping the Federal Reserve, and of course considering what to do about the Russian military build up in Cuba. All of these were potential motives for actionable threats against the President, yet the one that was not considered by the Warren Report, may have been the one by the group who was the most likely to remain anonymous, under the radar and extreme in their where with all to retain their absolute control and power on the World stage. Who would that be? Yes, I am here to lend credence to the exposing of the most likely assassins as those hired by the US Federal Reserve, basically our national direct association to the World Financiers, as the most likely source for our President’s murder. Based upon what the public has learned over the years of their absolute secrecy concerning both national and international agendas involving a very elite membership of World leaders, especially financiers, these in my opinion are the most likely to have been involved in and have knowledge of those who killed our President. You must remember, The Fed is NOT Answerable to our government, yet it controls our money supply and as such is in the unusual position to literally force our government leaders to carry out actions that it wants to happen, wars, rumors of wars, how nations remain in power or not. It also thereby has the ability to “take out” anyone who disobeys their requests (demands) however they choose. I feel the assassination of our President, then MLK were warnings to the entire world that they, the financiers were the ones in power and no Harvard boys were going to threaten to cut off the FED from controlling the government. So when Bobby announced he was going to run, because he must have thought that they wouldn’t dare openly show their hand, the World Financiers, ie all the FED members, were prepared to do whatever it would take to ensure their continued control and power!! As far as I am concerned , this is NO Conspiracy Theory with respect to the assassinations of JFK, Bobby and MLK. Why, because the facts are there and people just don’t want to see who are the perpetraitors. You have a great opportunity to view the YouTube Video “America; Freedom to Fascism” : that has a link here I’ve posted this for many years and now here is yet another person who has arrived at the same conclusion… http://sonsoflibertymedia.com/…/the-confessions-of-a-naval…/

At some point in the fall of 2014 the CIA quietly said, ‘we’ll just leave this here’ and published a bombshell PDF of a declassified article on George Washington University’s National Security Archive. The 2013 piece by CIA Chief Historian…

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