How to dissolve a political party

This is a warning that I truly hope all Americans will take to heart.

This was authored by William Gheen of ALIPAC and concurred with by me!

At this point, you cannot tear the race away from the GOP’s strongest, clearest front runner Donald Trump without throwing the race to Hillary which is exactly what the DC establishment is willing to do!

The DC establishment that rules both the Democrats and Republicans makes millions of dollars by selling our nation and citizens out to foreign powers and global corporations. The Establishment does not like Ted Cruz but they absolutely despise and fear Donald Trump!

One of their biggest tactics right now is to tell everyone that “Trump can’t beat Hillary,” but if you look closely at those “polls” begging GOP voters to reject Trump with their message, they are coming from Fox News, ABC, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, etc… ALL OF WHICH ARE PRO AMNESTY OPEN BORDERS companies that OPPOSE DONALD TRUMP and TRUMP’s DEPORTATION PROMISE TO REVERSE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

You don’t win wars or fights by following the advice of your enemies. Since when should GOP voters listen to the Huffington Post’s recommendations on who to vote for or against?!?!? They want GOP voters to believe Trump can’t beat Hillary because they fear that Donald Trump has the best chance of beating Hillary!

Many Trump supporters are smart enough to realize that they need to support the candidate that the illegal alien invasion supporting companies fear the most!

Ted Cruz is now continuing to attack Trump and has made it clear why he has little chance of winning the 87% of remaining delegates to win outright. He now wants a GOP convention to decide the nominee which is ironic since he earlier stated he felt such a decision would be very destructive to the GOP!

The DC establishment knows they can survive and thrive under a Hillary Clinton Presidency, but their fear from Trump is that he will destroy them and create a completely new political order! Donald Trump needs more than 50% of the remaining delegates to have the 1,237 needed to avoid handing power back to the DC Establishment in the convention.

BROKERED CONVENTION = Establishment Back In Control

The moment you hear that there will be a Brokered Convention because Donald Trump cannot achieve the 1,237 delegates necessary will be the moment that the pro open borders and illegal alien amnesty facilitating DC Establishment has retaken control.

I hope that all of you by now have read the eye opening report that was on the top of the Drudge Report yesterday titled, “The Party Chooses the Nominee, not the Voters.

If you don’t believe me, perhaps you will believe Republican National Committee’s Rules Committee member Curly Haugland who says, “The media has created the perception that the voters will decide the nomination,” Curly Haugland said in an interview with CNBC. “That’s the conflict here… The political parties choose their nominees, not the general public, contrary to popular belief.”

The DC Establishment now plans to use Kasich and Cruz to stop Trump from reaching 1,237 delegates, at which point they may allow Cruz to survive the convention if he promises to do their bidding. Kasich has just hired at least 3 professionals experienced in brokered conventions. The establishment won’t care what their candidate says, does, or promises voters, just as long as business as usual continues on immigration, economic, and warfare issues. Neither Trump, Cruz, Kasich, or a blue goat will come out of the other side of a brokered convention unless they are sworn to do the bidding of the powers that have ruled DC supreme for decades!

And the GOP wing of the DC establishment does not mind throwing this race to Hillary Clinton! In fact, each day that passes they spend millions more dollars attacking Trump and weakening him Hillary’s chances go up. Each stump speech Cruz and Kasich give attacking Trump makes Hillary’s chances go up.

Each day Republicans spend fighting each other over the Presidential campaign is a day that Hillary Clinton’s chances increase.

In fact, Hillary Clinton is now on course to become the next President and she is in the lead way down the track!

Donald Trump’s campaign is in the top of third gear trying to switch up to 4th gear to go after and catch Hillary.

Ted Cruz is in second gear, but if the GOP shifts down to him, Hillary wins.

John Kasich is barely in first gear and if the convention shifts down to him, it will tear out the transmission and bring the GOP chances of victory down to ZERO.

At this point, you cannot tear the race away from the GOP’s strongest clearest front runner Donald Trump without throwing the race to Hillary, which is exactly what the DC establishment is willing to do!

The conflict between Trump and Cruz and the DC establishment has become so toxic to the down ballot insurgents that ALL GOP PRO AMNESTY INCUMBENTS ARE WINNING THEIR RACES!

So John McCain will win his race unless we can all unify and find a way to get GOP voters and personalities to end their attacks and opposition to Donald Trump and form up against Hillary very soon.

If we can get the focus off of the GOP Presidential Primary, then maybe we still have just enough time to get enough focus on the campaign of Dr. Kelli Ward and some of our remaining candidates who are challenging the powerful Eric Cantor style incumbents in Congress.

The bitter truth is that at this point we may have to hope for better political weather in 2018 to go after the sellout members of Congress!

Because while everyone is busy fighting for Trump, Cruz, and Kasich, including yours truly who is sending you this message instead of an appeal for help defeating McCain, the DC establishment amnesty backing Republicans are getting a free walk back to DC at your expense!

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on how we can get Ted Cruz to stop inviting the pro amnesty DC Establishment faction that supported GW Bush and Marco Rubio into his campaign or how we can get Cruz supporters to realize the great danger that continued support for Cruz is putting the nation in, please contact me at

We just learned that even illegal alien amnesty backing, Gang of Eight member, Senator Lindsey Graham is now backing Ted Cruz! If that does not scare you off of the Cruz campaign along with the fact GW Bush’s family is now raising money for Cruz, I don’t know what will.

I hope that others backing Cruz and Kasich’s convention plans such as John Hawkins of Right Wing News, Eric Erickson of RedState, and other activists and pundits will give these concerns very careful consideration.

I hope we can come together as Americans to swiftly solve this because if someone like Hillary Clinton or John Kasich becomes the next President, you are not going to enjoy your new angry American hating illegal alien and Muslim neighbors that will be with you before their terms end!

William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC


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