A Letter to All Citizens: Are You a Prisoner of the Thought Police?


Letter to All Citizens: At one time in the history of the world, there was what has become known as the age of enlightenment! It was founded mostly in France in the mid 1700’s with some of their most gifted thinkers of the day. Were you …aware that this age influenced Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, among many others, and played a major role in the American Revolution? The political ideals of the Enlightenment influenced the American Declaration of Independence, the United States Bill of Rights, the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, and the Polish–Lithuanian Constitution of May 3, 1791. In fact during this period, debating societies sprang up with an aire of respectability with an explosion of interest in the theory and practice of public elocution. It is important to note, however, that the critical subject matter of these debates did not necessarily translate into opposition to the government. In other words, the results of the debate quite frequently upheld the status quo.

That being said, today, we may be experiencing yet another age of potential enlightenment, also through informal debate. One significant difference is that it seems to be unfortunately often rooted in ignorance, misinformation and unfounded contention. What I speak of is here on this media, social networks. Why should we be concerned with what we post here?? Even our own posts should be scrutinized carefully before we left fly or our own credibility decline. Much like the boy who called wolf. Also, we need to recognize that we have a responsibility to ourself to identify reliable sources who provide a truly balanced reporting of events and the slant on the same, not just reading those who agree with our own opine. Most of us rely upon the major news media to inform us of almost everything.

What if I were able to prove that those self same media were not just biased in their reporting, but they also often report only the news that has been chosen for us? Certainly you should question that such a possibility exists. So, if you were asked to vote on a particilar matter, perhaps even on the various bills and laws enacted by our chosen representatives, would you be able to make an intelligent statement about it? For that matter, do know if your representatives even read the bills we entrust them to act upon in our behalf? Do you exercise your right as a citizen to be actively involved in understanding what bills and laws are being generated by our government?

Do you even know that a online site called the Thomas (http://thomas.loc.gov/home/thomas.php) even exists or for that matter is available for you to read to enhance your knowledge of bills under consideration and become informed, one of your responsibilities as a citizen?? How else can you make and intelligent decision when voting if you do not comprehend what is even going on? What is even important or relevant to you? Sitting on your beneign behind, watching entertainment, while you allow your rights to be frittered away by bozos who you have entrusted your very future and lives?

However symbolically I can possibly motivate you to get involved, with more than just listening to the talking heads, reading the editorial blather and doing a great imitation of a bobble head, why don’t you stand up for something, instead of sitting on your hands for everything? You can make better choices that are informed and intelligent, so why don’t you? Will you just settle for remaining a prisoner of the thought police? Therefor let us enter a new age of Enlightenment by using our Minds multiplying it with refined comprehension! E=mc2 Right on Einstein.


About Hedtke Online

As a consummate professional I quickly pick up procedures, and I am creative, alert and punctual. Not only am I resourceful in solving new and challenging problems, I am adept at generating conceptual possibilities and then analyzing them, providing forward thinking solutions. With a broad variety of experience, from computers to common carriers, including cross functional expertise in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, corporate sales, as well as systems analysis, coding and management, I am able to draw from the skills acquired and apply them to solving problems in analagous situations. Recognized as a creative and effective strategic planner and problem solver, I devise notable enhancements that result in measurable benefits. I also am a team player who is good at providing exceptional customer service. Remember: Using your Head is the Key to solving any problem! *my quote* Specialties American Mensa admission 10/21/1988 meeting qualifying test criteria of at least 98% with the CTMM of 99%ile IQ 141. This also met criteria for The Top One Percent Society . A second test CATTELL B yielded a 95%ile IQ 143 qualifying for the International High IQ Society. Meyers Briggs characteristics of a ENTP with a focus on the future.
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