Carry ‘F— Cops’ sign, win at least $50,000

affiliateadMany years ago there was a legal case decision where a person took a business sign literally and was able to sue for a brand new car, just  because the law was on his side.  In that case a auto business posted a sign stating that you could get one of their cars, for a song.  Well someone did just that, walked into the business, sang a song and then demanded their car.  Of course the business thought them crazy to think they should give the person a car for just singing a song, but when the person took them to court, they did get themselves a car.  So what can you do today to make yourself some money and what kind of ingenuity does it take to do something like that today?  Do you actually need a job?  With so few of good paying jobs available for the average citizen, perhaps there is a better way!  Well in one person’s case, it means allowing yourself to be arrested, perhaps multiple times and then filing a lawsuit against the city.  If you just make a homemade sign, with specific words printed on it and then proceed to  Carry ‘F— Cops’ sign, win at least $50,000


About Hedtke Online

As a consummate professional I quickly pick up procedures, and I am creative, alert and punctual. Not only am I resourceful in solving new and challenging problems, I am adept at generating conceptual possibilities and then analyzing them, providing forward thinking solutions. With a broad variety of experience, from computers to common carriers, including cross functional expertise in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, corporate sales, as well as systems analysis, coding and management, I am able to draw from the skills acquired and apply them to solving problems in analagous situations. Recognized as a creative and effective strategic planner and problem solver, I devise notable enhancements that result in measurable benefits. I also am a team player who is good at providing exceptional customer service. Remember: Using your Head is the Key to solving any problem! *my quote* Specialties American Mensa admission 10/21/1988 meeting qualifying test criteria of at least 98% with the CTMM of 99%ile IQ 141. This also met criteria for The Top One Percent Society . A second test CATTELL B yielded a 95%ile IQ 143 qualifying for the International High IQ Society. Meyers Briggs characteristics of a ENTP with a focus on the future.
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