Trial by The People


Every Election Day, politicians stand trial before the people.

The voters are the jury. Their ballots are the verdict.

And, on November 8th, the American people will finally have the chance to do what the authorities have been too afraid to do over these last 2 decades: INDICT HILLARY CLINTON AND FIND HER GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES!  You see, Crooked Hillary is a world-class liar. It’s well-documented. As a result I don’t even have to state that is in my opinion, because it’s true!

During the Clinton Presidency, there were many, many scandals. TravelGate, Whitewater. The personal destruction of Monica Lewinsky. The Rose Law Firm scandal. And, of course, anything involving Sydney Blumenthal.  Not to mention all the sexual assaults that Bill perpetrated against so many women.  That begs the question of why isn’t Bill in the headlines with multiple criminal charges just like another Bill who is in the headlines right now?  Did you ever wonder why they never dared to come forward, perhaps it was the fact that Hillary threatened everyone of these women.

We can not allow her to continue to get away with everything that she has done without any accountability!

What is the latest nasty lie from Hillary?  That she will continue to get away with this no different than she always has with no repercussions.  In fact, whether anyone realizes it or not, there has been a deal struck by her with Obama to assure her in her Presidential bid, thus assuring her of being the next President.

What kind of deal you ask?  That’s the cherry on top of the icing.  Follow this logic, if you can.  Way back when the Bengahzi massacre took place, both Obama and Hillary were present and they both realized that they both have lied extensively about what happened and the fact that they didn’t do anything to even attempt to save our people there.  They both tried to claim that the attack was spontaneous as a result of a preacher stateside burning of a koran, when in fact it was a planned attack that they both knew was going to happen during ramadan.

So here’s what they did.   Obama and Bill made a date to go out golfing together, where no one could hear their conversation and this is where the deal was struck.  Now, here’s the deal.  Obama will do the following: support Hillary in her run at the White House, he also will pledge that he will coerce the DOJ to drop any charges against her and offer up executive clemency  in case any criminal charges are offered  against her by the FBI while he is President, additionally he also reserves the right to declare martial law if things go south at any time, thus retaining the Presidency.

If nothing happens, and there are no charges brought against Hillary, she is ushered into the White House as the next President and she reciprocates the executive clemency for Obama if charges are brought against him after his Presidency.  Just remember, although Hillary may not have finalized the Bengahzi action, she was party to it and both Obama and Hillary had a huge hand in the deaths of fellow Americans.  Of course just having confidential classified emails routed through her private server during that time period pale in light of the severity of the deaths of these men, she stands no less guilty of doing nothing to save them!  .
While the facts will come out, let’s remember that the history of lying by both Hillary and Obama is so totally malificient that we can not afford to believe anything that they say.  I didn’t start this fight against liars. . . but I WILL end it, as much as I am able to bring the light of truth to expose them both.  The American people can finally do in November what the Federal authorities have been unable or unwilling to do:


Thank you again for standing with me at this historic turning point for our nation. Together, we will finally rid the country of that world-class liar, Crooked Hillary Clinton and the Prevaricator in Chief.

Best Wishes,





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