If There Ever Has Been a Time To Join Together It’s NOW!


It is refreshing for so many liberals to claim that they will be leaving America if Trump becomes President, considering almost 1/5 of them are claiming they will!

Republicans unite behind Trump

… it’s time for Americans to unite behind America

by Sylvester Connor, The Connor Post

As Donald Trump moves to unite the Republican Party he so recently razed, it is well to remember that his real goal is to unite the country, not the party. Trump’s America First stance, it seems to us, does just that. It unites Americans because it sidesteps all of the empty and divisive talk about race, women and gay rights that can no longer hide the major problems America faces.

Identity politics has led America and Europe astray. This is paradoxical, for it is the progressive lust for oneness and all-inclusive unity, the quixotic desire for everybody to be part of an equal but separate minority, that led to the proliferation of rights groups. “Everybody” ended up meaning that every single, nameable identity became a cause, armed with rights.

And Trump brought them nightmares, talking of America first, not of blacks, latinos, women, gays, the workers, and the poor, but of Americans.

Where, one asks, is Hillary Clinton going to find this unity? For her most vocal constituencies – blacks, latinos, gays, women, government workers and unions – have grown more and more divisive since the election of Obama ushered in the new era of identity politics.

La Raza is Spanish for “the Race”, a raison d’etre beyond the pale for the wretched utopians of the left – and yet there it is. Black Lives Matter angrily rejects the counter-affirmation “all lives matter” as wrong. Brandishing the adjective that has become their bizarre epithet, “gays” have morphed from a beleaguered minority to a ferocious thought police micromanaging everything from restrooms in North Carolina to professional football, with particular focus on the hated Protestants. And, predictably, Occupy Wall Street went straight from an attack on shadow banking to a socialist screed against capitalism.

That’s the problem with identity politics: it’s inherently divisive. The rise of the hyphenated Americans, coinciding as it did with a series of disastrous foreign wars and the export of America’s manufacturing, created the perfect storm of discontent amidst which Donald Trump – no hyphenations – offers to calm the waters.

The irony, of course, is that it is Trump who has been relentlessly called divisive. The argument that his base was in fact an identity group – poor whites – has been blown out of the water by the reality of the elections. Trump haters who are not hyphenated – women and union workers in particular – will quite likely come to realize the reasonableness of his proposals and join the America first movement. Surreptiously if need be, at least at first.

Only those groups who need the hyphen, who rely on animosity for their livelihood, object to a united America. But even to the cadres of “MoveOn.org”, we would ask, is it a Pyrrhic victory you are after? For if America becomes a failed state, don’t you fail along with it?

Most of these people are not anarchists, for whom the failed state is the goal. And most are not monsters, seeking to destroy America “just because,” as in the 60’s Burn Baby Burn. We think they’re rational like all of us, wanting what’s best for themselves and their communities.

And their communities are being decimated by the bleak realities behind the globalist chimera. All they need to realize is the simple truth that exporting prosperity and importing poverty is a bad deal for everyone, identity groups included. An ebbing tide lowers all boats.  Get on board, America!

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A Letter to All Citizens: Are You a Prisoner of the Thought Police?


Letter to All Citizens: At one time in the history of the world, there was what has become known as the age of enlightenment! It was founded mostly in France in the mid 1700’s with some of their most gifted thinkers of the day. Were you …aware that this age influenced Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, among many others, and played a major role in the American Revolution? The political ideals of the Enlightenment influenced the American Declaration of Independence, the United States Bill of Rights, the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, and the Polish–Lithuanian Constitution of May 3, 1791. In fact during this period, debating societies sprang up with an aire of respectability with an explosion of interest in the theory and practice of public elocution. It is important to note, however, that the critical subject matter of these debates did not necessarily translate into opposition to the government. In other words, the results of the debate quite frequently upheld the status quo.

That being said, today, we may be experiencing yet another age of potential enlightenment, also through informal debate. One significant difference is that it seems to be unfortunately often rooted in ignorance, misinformation and unfounded contention. What I speak of is here on this media, social networks. Why should we be concerned with what we post here?? Even our own posts should be scrutinized carefully before we left fly or our own credibility decline. Much like the boy who called wolf. Also, we need to recognize that we have a responsibility to ourself to identify reliable sources who provide a truly balanced reporting of events and the slant on the same, not just reading those who agree with our own opine. Most of us rely upon the major news media to inform us of almost everything.

What if I were able to prove that those self same media were not just biased in their reporting, but they also often report only the news that has been chosen for us? Certainly you should question that such a possibility exists. So, if you were asked to vote on a particilar matter, perhaps even on the various bills and laws enacted by our chosen representatives, would you be able to make an intelligent statement about it? For that matter, do know if your representatives even read the bills we entrust them to act upon in our behalf? Do you exercise your right as a citizen to be actively involved in understanding what bills and laws are being generated by our government?

Do you even know that a online site called the Thomas (http://thomas.loc.gov/home/thomas.php) even exists or for that matter is available for you to read to enhance your knowledge of bills under consideration and become informed, one of your responsibilities as a citizen?? How else can you make and intelligent decision when voting if you do not comprehend what is even going on? What is even important or relevant to you? Sitting on your beneign behind, watching entertainment, while you allow your rights to be frittered away by bozos who you have entrusted your very future and lives?

However symbolically I can possibly motivate you to get involved, with more than just listening to the talking heads, reading the editorial blather and doing a great imitation of a bobble head, why don’t you stand up for something, instead of sitting on your hands for everything? You can make better choices that are informed and intelligent, so why don’t you? Will you just settle for remaining a prisoner of the thought police? Therefor let us enter a new age of Enlightenment by using our Minds multiplying it with refined comprehension! E=mc2 Right on Einstein.

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This May Be The Last Post You See From Me!

I have exceeded my comments upon world events

Perhaps you never will attain the kind of commentary that I have over the years, however I will enable you to finally attain the kind of notoriety only provided to but a few…that of reaching the End Of The Internet.. In fact you can print out a Certificate of Achievement that you can even frame by clicking upon this link http://www.stormynites.net/private/endofinternet.html ! Once again, congratulations on your achievment and allowing me to be the last page that I can share with you!! Best wishes and farewell!13043813_10209012253573810_7116061532190992289_n

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A useful step and time saving mailbox add on alert


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The Real Islamophobia

What do we understand that Islamophobia really means?jkikdnf2

The most socially destructive and pervasive strain of Islamophobia has not even been identified. We identify this strain of Islamophobia and close with the antidote for both strains.

The Multicultural “bigotry” accusation problem

You’ve heard of the golden rule. Incidentally, it is a rule that Islam rejects. You have also heard the golden non–sequitur of political correctness, that all religions are morally equal. Multiculturalism’s golden non–sequitur shields Islam from being morally vetted.

With our state–sponsored inoculation of moral relativism, it immediately becomes bigotry to deny statements like

A. Islam’s right to 501(c)3 tax exempt status should be unquestioned or
B. “Hate mongers and bigots try to equate all Muslims as terrorists….”

Indeed no US politician holding a national level office has challenged either A or B.

But recently an argument has been made: Since Mohammad is the ideal example for all Muslims, were Mohammad a terrorist, all Muslims would be doctrinal terrorists.

Clearly all people should agree that one should not be called a “bigot” for defending a civilization against a human rights violating ideology.

So the question, “Is one who denies either A or B a bigot?” is linked to the question, “Was Mohammad a terrorist?” If Mohammad was a terrorist, then A and B should be denied and our entire political culture should reverse course.

The “Was Mohammad a terrorist?” national debate imperative

Because one should not flippantly be condemned as a “bigot,” and because the left has been calling so many of us “bigots,” answering the question, “Was Mohammad a terrorist?” has become an imperative. The debate over Mohammad’s character is a win–win for two reasons

  • If Mohammad was not a terrorist, then having a debate on the subject should help to cure the problem implied by statements A and B.
  • If Mohammad was a terrorist, then it would seem that the world should help disabuse Muslims of Mohammad’s virtue. And it would follow then that not A and not B should be embraced by all. The Multiculturalists could then apologize for their condemnation of virtue.

If Muslims and Multiculturalists are going to call one a “bigot” for acting virtuously, it becomes doubly unseemly to not advocate a debate on the question, “Was Mohammad a terrorist?”

Background on the debate over Mohammad

It is not the purpose of this short article to answer the question, “Was Mohammad a terrorist?” Rather, we merely advocate the need for this question to be part of our public debate. But a few observations are in order.

Brigitte Gabriel revealed that the peaceful majority of groups which embody a violent core doctrine are historically irrelevant. We are not asking, “Are most Muslims operational terrorists?” The answer to this question is as obvious as it is irrelevant. Rather we are asking a doctrinal core question, “Was Mohammad a terrorist?”

Since 2001 the ex–Muslim Ali Sina has offered a reward for anyone who could prove he was wrong in asserting that Mohammad was a terrorist, a pedophile…. Sina has posted numerous extensive debates on–line with leading Muslim scholars throughout the world. To date no one has been able to claim the $50,000 prize for proving Sina wrong.

On the other side, a Muslim has recently published “an open offer that will never expire” where he “will award anyone $10,000 if they can find me [sic] a verse in the Quran that says it’s ok to kill innocent people or to commit acts of terror.” A number of people have submitted claims for this reward. This author wrote to HuffPo asking if the paper would be transparently evaluating these claims. No response to the status of the reward claims or of a forthcoming rebuttal to the arguments of these respondents has been received by this inquirer. (Litigating HuffPo for their liability in publishing this ostentatious yet bogus reward offer could be a worthwhile cause.)

The most virulent strain of Islamophobia

Presently our political lexicon only recognizes one strain of Islamophobia: The strain which — should a critical mass of Muslims infiltrate our culture — fears the erosion of freedom and human rights.

Our culture’s collectivist news stigmatizes this strain of Islamophobia. Owing to the golden non–sequitur of Multiculturalism, people who believe not A and not B are condemned as “bigots.”

But the problem with this accusation of bigotry is that it rests on an unquestioned premise. Fourteen years after 9/11, our political leadership and our collectivist media still not have entertained the most natural debate question, “Was Mohammad a terrorist?”

But now we identify another strain of Islamophobia: The strain exhibited by both Muslims and Multiculturalists who fear that dialogue on Mohammad’s character will reveal Mohammad to be a terrorist. They fear a fair, free and open debate about Mohammad and terrorism.

Contrary to the beliefs of Multiculturalists, Muslims are not animals who are incapable of moral dialogue. By debating Muslims on the thesis that Mohammad may have been a terrorist, we respect Muslim’s moral faculties. However difficult, such a debate can ultimately be healing for all.

If there are bigots who unfairly stigmatize Muslims, then having a national debate on the subject “Was Mohammad a terrorist?” could make Mohammad’s virtue plain to all and reveal to all that these Islamophobes truly are bigots. But until such a debate takes place, Muslims and Multiculturalist need to stop their unjustifiable condemnation spree and recognize that their unjustifiable Islamophobia prohibits the rest of us from shedding our Islamophobia.

Because multicultural Islamophobia

  • unjustifiably stigmatizes Americans who either know or suspect that Mohammad was a terrorist
  • prevents America from identifying our enemy in this misnamed “war on terror,” and
  • disrespects the moral faculties of Muslims

It is the most virulent strain of Islamophobia.

Multiculturalism’s non–sequitur: A red carpet for an Islamic Trojan horse?

The golden non–sequitur of political correctness — that all religions are morally equal — has long been a central tenant in our state “schools.” As multiculturalism’s moral relativism has caused our culture’s collectivist sectors to be blind to a potential enemy within, the “knowledge” of statist schools is better identified as “anti–knowledge.”

Unlike the proof for the quadratic equation, the proof for the moral equality of all religions is not entertained. And neither is the follow up question, “How does our Multicultural misinterpretation of the First Amendment enable us to protect ourselves against terrorism in the name of a religion?”

It is time to turn the Islamophobic tables and ask, “Why are you, dear Multiculturalist, afraid to even ask the question, ‘Was Mohammad a terrorist?’? Is it that you fear the correct answer to be ‘yes’ and that you do not have the courage to defend America from a terrorist ideology?”

After conquering state “education” with moral relativism, Multiculturalism has created a front Islamophobia which shields Multiculturalism’s true Islamophobia from being identified. By this chicanery, the most virulent strain of Islamophobia is also the most unknown and the most pervasive.

The resolution or antidote for both of these two strains of Islamophobia is found by addressing — head on — the question, “Was Mohammad a terrorist?”

If we allow the debate to begin, then we will see the facts for what they are, just like the expose of the Saudi’s involvement in the 9/11 attacks and those traitors who have been complicite with it’s coverup!.

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Get Ready for a “Viral Pandemic of Global Unrest”… They Warn It’s Coming That Means SHTF Shortly


This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at Infowars.com.

Editor’s Comment: We’ve all known this has been building, but now some very high ranking insiders are admitting the extent to which the system is corrupt, rigged, and poised for collapse. Something is coming, but who could really know when?

Whether it happens on our watch or not, it would be wise and prudent to be prepared, personally, and at a society level for misfortune and drastic change in the power structure, the services we expect and are accustomed to, and the establishment system at large. It is no surprise that those with means are getting out while they still can.

Top Insurer Warns Global Civil Unrest Could Go Viral

by Paul Joseph Watson

Top insurer Lloyds warns that a “pandemic” of global civil unrest could go viral, threatening international stability.

Lloyds commissioned leading global risk management consultancy the Risk Advisory Group to produce a report analyzing what factors could prompt the spread of civil unrest around the world.

The report found that, “Instances of political violence contagion are becoming more frequent and the contagion effect ever more rapid and powerful,” with head of exposure management and reinsurance, Trevor Maynard, warning that global outbreaks of violence are increasingly likely to develop into “pandemics” of civil unrest.

This transformation will lead to “widespread disruption yet prove extremely difficult to anticipate,” and threaten “international stability,” according to the report.

The inquiry found that the potential for mass civil unrest represents a “highly important dimension of political risk” and that preparations for such scenarios are currently insufficient.

As we have recently highlighted, the ultra-wealthy are highly concerned about civil unrest and have made moves to prepare for social disorder.

Elitists are buying luxury bomb-proof survival bunkers, with one of the companies behind the underground units, Vivos, revealing that they are for the “protection of high net worth individuals” against the threat posed by the “general public”.

“This is for wealthy people who are concerned about various disaster scenarios, but a common theme among them is a fear of civil unrest, a fear of an uprising from the 99%,” said journalist Lynn Parramore, who visited one of the facilities in Indiana.

Millionaires are fleeing Chicago and other major cities due to concerns over racial tensions and rising crime rates.

“About 3,000 individuals with net assets of $1 million or more,” left Chicago in just the last year alone according to the Chicago Tribune.

Paris and Rome are also seeing a mass exodus of millionaires, while wealthy elites are also installing panic rooms in their big city apartments due to fears over potential civil unrest and skyrocketing crime.

Land and remote homes in places like New Zealand are also popular with the global 1%, with realtors citing the threat of worldwide financial instability and domestic disorder as motivating factors behind the purchases.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube; Follow on Twitter and Facebook.

FOOTNOTE:  Whether you believe you will experience SHTF or Not, you will be right , but will depend upon your situational awareness, preparation and confidence.  For myself, I choose to be aware of world events not becoming blinded by major media or deceit by the government.  I have always been prepared for whatever potentialities that may arise and confidence in my own abilities to discern truth, with the knowledge that the government has always claimed to have kept the truth from us either because we couldn’t handle it or that we didn’t need to know.  Along with these abilities, I know my own limitations, physical capabilities and why freedom matters to all free men above all costs!


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What Has Happened To The U.S. of A.?

First allow me the opportunity of a tirade in that we must all stand up for what is just and right and against that which is evil.

It is imperative for us to have enough acumen to recognize and openly fight against the likes of  Obama, Hillary, the deceptive, arrogant, and even criminal DNC, Rinos, and GOP collaborators, who seem determined to prove almost daily that the citizens of this republic do not matter to them and, as even evidenced in our own presidential election processes, that we do not even have any say in our government; that it is all a sham.

Between spying on and collecting information on practically every citizen; classifying us all as enemies of the state while taking ever increasing steps to prepare to disarm, to pacify and to control us; and to willfully repeatedly ignore our laws, our constitution and our combined will to cater to and provide preferential aid, comfort, and treatment for the enemies of our free and proud republic, the actual interests, safety, and survival of the USA and her citizens are no longer even a peripheral concern of those who misuse and abuse their power, authority and positions in our government for self-serving agendas, graft and greed, in the service of foreign masters treating both major parties as in fact and practice only one self–serving party and work for the interest of betrayal, tyranny, and outright treason.   While I have to admit that punctuation, run on sentences and readability never have been one of my suits, I believe that you can tell I WILL NOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!

As such, it is expedient and mandatory according to our own U.S, Constitution (regardless of the self-serving verdict in 1861 ruling secession as illegal in an effort to unlawfully and unconstitutionally force full submission upon the individual states and citizens to the federal government) that when the federal government embraces tyranny and/or creates a situation so egregious so as to render any benefit of the union of these united states continued union as non-functional and creates a hostile condition of tyranny and oppression upon the many citizens of any state or within these United States, then it is both the duty and responsibility of every citizen to exercise our right as free agents or men and women to disband this union or any fraction thereof that becomes necessary for the survival of our states and its individual citizens, even as separate nations if necessary. This is not in any way sedition, but rather a matter of survival and in maintaining our liberty, freedom, and true justice. This becomes especially important when the federal government has begun rounding up patriotic citizen political prisoners, murdering or incarcerating them and trumping up long lists of charges so they can drag survivors into court together to deny any semblance of justice to them, while simultaneously punishing these prisoners’ families and then crushing those who justly, lawfully and constitutionally stand up for their and our rights against the abuses of a rogue and criminal federal government.

The BOTTOM LINE is that WE THE PEOPLE need to form a more perfect union and that means dissolution of the existing one if necessary, so that those who would want to continue with pandering to those people who want everything given to them however don’t want to work for it versus those who are sick of paying the way for that other group, then so be it, let each stand separately on their own merits and you will discover that only one of those groups will long survive.  It really is the parable of the Ant and the Grasshopper.  Only this time the Ants won’t be forced to take the mooches, illegals or those lazy good for nothings.  Those groups just won’t be allowed in at all.  Life is NOT A HANDOUT,  but it could still be a Leg Up, it just depends upon your ability, determination and attitude.

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